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1. Verbs
The following exercises test new verbs that have been introduced in this chapter. The first two exercises test your knowledge of irregular verbs and compound verbs. Click on the buttons below to get started!

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2. Prepositions and interrogatives
The following exercises ask you to think about prepositions and the use of the interrogative welcher...?:

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3. Using public transport
The two Quia vocabulary exercises in this chapter test your knowledge of transport vocabulary. The first of these asks you to identify types of transport; the second confronts you with vocabulary that you would expect to use when catching a train.

These three Spellmaster exercises also test your knowledge of local transport vocabulary. The first exercise is a drag-and-drop game that requires you to match German words with their English translation. The second exercise is a memory game on German ticket vocabulary for two players. Click on the buttons below to get started!

The following vocabulary exercises have been designed by Alcester Grammar School. The first of them requires you to reconstruct words relating to public transport - against the clock! The second is a drag-and- drop exercise for travel vocabulary. The third is an online crossword - use our online dictionary if some of the words are unfamiliar to you!

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4. Navigating the Berlin underground
It's time to see whether to you can use your German to help you find your way from A to B - or more precisely from one underground station to another!

Before starting the exercise, click here to open a separate window containing a map of the the Berlin underground. (You may need to expand this map depending on which browser you are using.)

Use this map to answer 8 multiple choice questions which require you to navigate your way from one station to another. Click on the button below to start the exercise.

5. BBC Languages - Using German public transport
The German Steps course from BBC Education has a special multi-media section on transport in Berlin. There are a number of interactive exercises and some useful vocabulary. Click on the button below to find some exercises on bus travel:

And then click on the buttons below to find some exercises from the BBC on booking a train ticket and travelling by taxi!

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